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June's Helmet Deodorizer Royal Rider

June's Helmet Deodorizer Royal Rider

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This colab edition is a fusion of fresh and earthy notes.
It blends the sharp, zesty fragrance of mandarin with the warm, woody aromas
of sandalwood. Effective solution for eliminating unwanted odors from your
Every royal rider must-have accessory!
Fragrance: Mandarin Orange + Sandalwood
° Skin-friendly ingredients with no harsh chemicals.
° Avoid spray visor area
° Can be spray onto any fabric

To use:
° Shake well before use Spray directly inside the helmet
° Allow to air dry completely
° For more effective, repeat cycle after every helmet usage

Size: 80ml
Life shelf: 12mths
Nozzle Spray type: Mirco (Mist spray)

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