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Helmet Deodorizer (Mild Scented)

Helmet Deodorizer (Mild Scented)

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Mild Scented

With 2 TIMES EXTRA boost odor-absorbing materials, minimum fragrance.
We highly recommend to get this if your old helmet smell never wind off.

Our Mild Scented will help to eliminate the smell of sweat, bacteria, and other
sources of old odor.
Spray effectively more better result.

Fragrance: No fragrance added!
° Skin-friendly ingredients with no harsh chemicals
° Avoid spray visor area
° Can be spray onto any cotton fabric

To use:
° Shake well before use Spray directly inside the helmet
° Allow to air dry completely
° For more effective, repeat cycle after every helmet usage

Size: 80ml
Life shelf: 12mths
Nozzle Spray type: Mirco (Mist spray)

Selling point from customer’s feedback:
Can be spray onto Raincoat, Cap, Songkok, Praying Mat, Baby carrier.

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