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Helmet Deodorizer (Lady Light)

Helmet Deodorizer (Lady Light)

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Lady Light

A delicate fragrance that whispers softness and femininity.

This powerful spray is designed to eliminate unpleasant odors from your helmet while also leaving behind a light and refreshing scent.

The perfect solution to keeping your helmet
smelling fresh all day long!

Say goodbye to unpleasant helmet odor!

Fragrance: White Musk, Dew
° Skin-friendly ingredients with no harsh chemicals.
° Avoid spray visor area
° Can be spray onto any cotton fabric

To use:
° Shake well before use Spray directly inside the helmet
° Allow to air dry completely
° For more effective, repeat cycle after every helmet usage

Size: 80ml
Life shelf: 12mths
Nozzle Spray type: Mirco (Mist spray)

Selling point from customer’s feedback:
Can be spray onto Raincoat, Cap, Songkok, Praying Mat, Baby carrier.

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