In-house Installment

    1. Before making their 1st Deposit, customers need to personally check and fully inspect the items (Helmet, bag, manual, and box [If any]).
    2. The customer will receive the purchased item only after all the installment plans have been fully paid.
    3. Once the first payment has been made, further negotiations are not permitted.
    1. Upon agreeing and making the first deposit, the customer has a 5-day window (including the day of deposit) to cancel the sales transaction and receive a full refund within three working days.
    2. If a cancellation or withdrawal occurs after the 7-day allowance period, a deduction of $50 will be applied.
    3. A deduction of $100 will be applied for cancellations made between the 2nd and 3rd month of installment plans.
      1. Customers can either opt for delivery or self-collection from our warehouse. Additional charges may apply for orders below $100 based on June's Garage availability.
      2. Please double-check all items before leaving as June's Garage will not be responsible for any damage or missing parts.
      • If payment is not received within 5 days after the second or third payment due date, a late fee of $10 will be charged.

      If you have any doubts or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at June's Garage. We're always here to help you out.

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